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Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
Cranchi E30 Endurance
10 Pax
From n/a € / per day
Cranchi E30 Endurance
10 Pax
From n/a € / per day
Cranchi Е26 Rider
8 Pax
From n/a € / per day
Cranchi Е26 Classic
6 Pax
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Terms and conditions

Article 1. Charter Agreement

1.1. The Charter Company First Yacht Charter S.L. hand over the yacht for the use of the Charterer and shall not make any similar agreements with respect to the yacht during the charter term.
1.2. The Charterer accept the yacht for its use and pay the cost of the charter including Captain fee, the Security Deposit and any additional costs and charges agreed under the Charter Agreement no later than the charter starts and to the account of the Charter Company.
1.3. The Charterer cannot transfer the rights of hereafter to any third party, nor to transfer the Yacht or any part thereof, nor provide the Yacht to sub-rent, without the Charter Company’s written consent and in accordance with the terms.

Article 2. Check-in & Check-out

2.1.    The Charter Company undertakes to provide the Yacht insured (see Insurance policy), seaworthy, clean, fully equipped and possessed all necessary documents for the navigation and in compliance with the laws and regulations.
2.2.    The Charter Company as yacht owner reserves the right to cancel or postpone charters due to poor weather conditions, mechanical failures, Coastguard restrictions, and Law Enforcement Decrees. In this instance, an alternate will be arranged. If this is not possible, any charter fees already paid will be returned in full.
2.3.    The Charterer shall perform on board upon the Captain permit and control according to the nautical law and safety.
2.4.    The Charterer shall not require any itinerary far from 12 nautical miles from the coast. 
2.5.    The Charter Company shall provide the yacht for the beginning of the charter term at the Home Port no later than 10:00 AM of the date of check-in and the Charterer shall return the yacht at the Home Port no later than 18:00 PM. The variations of charter hours should be settled upon request with following cost supplement.
2.6.    The check-in is considered completed when the Charter Price and Security Deposit are paid; Crew list and Inventory list are signed by both parts. 
2.7.    The Charterer shall return the Yacht in order, with all the objects in the positions of the check-in. In case of damage or loss of any item of the Inventory list, the according amount will be charged from the Charterer’s Security Deposit.
2.8.    The Charterer cannot take aboard a larger number of guests for staying or traveling than it is stipulated by the technical specifications and Charter Agreement. 
2.9.    In case there are children aboard, the Charterer shall bear the responsibility for their conduct.
2.10.    Storage and use of illegal drugs and weapons are strictly prohibited. Infringement of this provision will constitute the ground for immediate termination of the Charter Agreement without any compensation.
2.11.    It is strictly prohibited to smoke and bring red wine on board. In case of any damage, the Charter Company will charge it from the Charterer’s Security Deposit.
2.12.    The Charterer shall ensure that no pets or other animals are brought aboard.
2.13.    If a toilet block occurs due to Charterer’s fault, cleaning fee of 150€ (one hundred fifty euros) will be applied.
2.14.    The Yacht cannot be used for any commercial photo or video recording without the Charter Company’s written consent.
2.15.    The Charter Company provides the Yacht with the full fuel tank and The Charterer shall return the Yacht with the full fuel tank as well.
2.16.    In the event any complaints arise, the Charterer shall immediately bring the discontent to the Charter Company by phone, message, or mail to have possibility to change the situation. 

Article 3. Booking and Payment

3.1. Every booking enquiry should be sent to info@daycharter.expert or +34 690 166 104.
3.2.    Full payment should be done to the Charter Company account before the charter starts.
3.3.    Any sender-bank charges and fees are to be paid by the sender.
3.4.    The cost of charter includes:
-    the Yacht with its equipment in proper condition,
-    professional Captain on board,
-    the mooring line in its Home Port,
-    the inventory items according to the Inventory List,
-    full covered insurance of the Yacht and people on board (see Insurance Policy)
-    technical maintenance and service.
3.5.    The Charterer pays any other additional cost based on actual consumption, such as coastal transport, water sports equipment, catering, cost of mooring, etc.
3.6.    The Charter cancellation is possible 48 hours prior to the booking date. If cancellation is less than 48 hours, the full paid amount will be withheld. 

Article 4. Security Deposit

4.1    The Security Deposit will be taken prior to embarkation. In case the Charterer refuse to pay it, the Charter Company reserve the right to cancel the booking without further liability and without any right to refund.
4.2    The Charterer will be asked to sign the Agreement and following Inventory and Crew lists before embarkation confirming fully understanding of obligations in the event of any loss or damage to the Yacht, ancillary equipment, or third-party property.
4.3    The Security Deposit will be used as a security for any loss or damage suffered by the Charter Company because of any breach of the booking conditions and/or any damage caused to the Yacht or its contents during the period of the charter. The Charterer cannot apply or deduct any portion of the damage deposit.
4.4    As soon as the Charter Company confirm that there is no damage to the Yacht after the charter, the Charter Company will refund the Security Deposit.
4.5    If there is any damage or loss caused to the Yacht and/or its contents during the period of the charter, the Charterer is liable for these losses and damages incurred to the value of the Security Deposit.
4.6    In the event of any disagreement over damage or loss, the Charter Company retain the Security Deposit until the matter is resolved. 
4.7    If loss or damage caused by gross negligence or reckless conduct is more than the level of the damage deposit, the Charter Company reserve the right to pursue a claim against the Charterer for the full extent of loss.


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